Apps that pay you to shop

Tampogo was started to help you get paid back for shopping online. Well since that company did not work out as well as we all hoped, here are a few other choices for you.

Apps That Pay

Swagbucks collects a bunch of different ways to make money at a single online location: Shop from their site, search from their site, take surveys, watch videos and play games and print coupons.

These activities earn you Swagbucks, which you then convert to a reward. To date, the site has paid out over one hundred million dollars, and counting.

Malaysian-based Gaption is brand new – and talk about ambitious: The app’s designers hope you’ll do what you’re already doing on Facebook, but on their platform instead. Gaption isn’t luring you with the old-fashioned way – stalking peoples personal lives – but with money!

As Gaption founder Ken Ho said, “We were thinking, ‘Hey, is there a way we can kind of convert time people spend social networking into income?’” Algorithms in the app assess the relationship between your posts and ad clicks then give you a cut! If you post a purchase and a friend clicks from your thread to buy it, you can get a commission of up to five percent! So if you’re a social influencer, this might be a way to monetize what you’re already doing for free on other platforms.

Pact makes your screen time productive by getting you off the screen – and off the couch! With the Pact app you will make or lose money, depending on whether or not you stick to your personal fitness goals.

You prove that you’re keeping your healthy promises with photos, journaling, and GPS tracking. It’s both the stick of losing money and the carrot of cold, hard cash.

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